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Melissa Del Sol

Melissa Del Sol photographs of the woman in Black

The models dressed in black kept intact all its sensuality, her mystery, shielded behind the veil of sexuality the enigma of the viewers eyes pout for her lips. Her eyes green of envy, full of mascara, red lips like ladies who met in the evening in the dark alleys of the night. The stranger who men dream of with boyhood fantasies beyond the veil and lost charms. 

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Lobby Cards

Lobby Cards – From Research to Practice

I was fortunate to contact an independent production company in Derbyshire just about to start shooting a ghost film for children. This film will be shown at different children’s film festivals around the world. I came along to photograph the stills images which would eventually be used to create the lobby cards.
I was sent the script, which I read and carefully studied in order to plan ahead which key areas of the film I would need to take the final shots that would best advertise the film.

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