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Jonas Burgert

Jonas Burgert

Over the years from the 1500’s, the pose, the dress wear and all relevant props and garbs have been moulded to the creation of how portraits have been shot now. We look at the contemporary elements in art the greatness of Berliner Jonas Burgert, who uses space, colour, and composition to the best of the canvas; no part of the canvas is untouched. Viewing the images gives into the power of the story, we interpret the story in our own minds eye, and we give the conclusions weather be right or wrong.

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Audrey Hepburn exhibition

Audrey Hepburn exhibition

Book now for Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon exhibition which opens on 2 July 2015 at the National Portrait Gallery. This fascinating photographic exhibition will illustrate the life of actress and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn through a selection of more than sixty classic and rarely seen prints. Read more

Sasha Grey

An interesting film shot by Richard Phillips, who’s name is known in the painting circles of New York.

“For my film portrait of Sasha Grey, I wanted to focus on her expressive and psychological transformation into a cinematic actor, separate from the cues that have associated Sasha with her previous career as a performance artist working within the adult film world.” –Richard Phillips

Shot on location at the John Lautner Chemosphere House off Mulholland Drive, the film showcases Sasha as a perpetually evolving figure. Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick (“Basic Instinct,” “Fatal Attraction,” “Wall Street,” “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”) dressed Sasha for the part in an array of lingerie and military inspired garments to highlight the dual nature of her masculine / feminine persona. Looking over the roadside from the vantage point of one the most legendary residences in modern and cinematic history, Sasha reflects on her relationship to the San Fernando Valley landscape- the location of some of her most noted adult performances. Back inside the circular vortex of the Chemosphere, Sasha’s inner dialogue projects an equally diaristic and imaginary self-portrait that pushes beyond the extremes of her past filmography and into her new future.

Directed by: Richard Phillips and Taylor Steele Director of Photography: Todd Heater Costume Designer: Ellen Mirojnick Creative Director: Dominic Sidhu Art Director: Kyra Griffin Editor: Haines Hall Color mastering: Pascal Dangin for Boxmotion Music: Chelsea Wolfe