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Charles Negre Photographer

My wife and I recently visited Grasse, France. Grasse has been a perfume town ever since the 17th century, and today as the world’s perfume capital, its reputation speaks for itself. ‘The International Perfume Museum’ located in the heart of the city is a fashion makers dream, the aroma which spills out around the city blows on the Riviera sea breeze. Read more

Jennette Williams

Jennette Williams ‘The Bathers’ 2006 (below)

williams3 Read more

100 years of Leica camera’s

I wonder how many of you remember the Leica R4 film camera? That was my first camera ever given to me by my Grandfather. I remember when I was younger, visiting my grandparents home and wondering why my grandfather would sneak away to his shed. I remember looking up at him and asking him what he was doing, in his thick Polish accent he asked me if ‘would I like to see some magic’ any young lad would say yes. Read more

Xyza Cruz Bacani Documentary photographer

Filipino maid captures dreams through photography

Filipino’s are considered hard working, loyal and devoted people, when Filipino’s leave their country for a new life as a domestic worker, they don’t expect a life of abuse and to be treated like modern slaves.

Former domestic worker Xyza Cruz Bacani turned to documentary photography to bring to the attention ‘the grass isn’t always greener on the other side’. Xyza Cruz Bacani will be exhibiting her photographs at a 900 square feet exhibition entitled ‘Hidden Hope’ which is her story about domestic workers abuse in Hong Kong. Read more

Renée Cox

Renée Cox ‘yo mama’s last supper’ is a very controversial image, and an image worth talking about in this blog of how art and photography come together as one. I’ve always seen photography as an art form, the story in and the story behind it. Reading photographs is an important aspect of photography; it sets the amateur apart from the professional, the professional can talk on the subject in a confident way, it’s ok photographing a subject, but the thoughts and history behind the making is as equally important, looking back at the old pioneers of artists and photographers gives me a twirl of ideas. Read more

Shaw Brothers Studios Saved

Shaw Studios historic filming studio in Hong Kong Saved From Redevelopment

Property developers have withdrawn plans to tear down the historic Shaw Brothers Studios in Hong Kong’s Clear Water Bay, following the site’s designation as the highest grade of heritage interest.

The 7.8 hectare (19 acre) site was Wednesday named as a Grade 1 Historical site by Hong Kong’s Antiquities Advisory Board. Read more

Ruth Hogben fashion film

Ruth Hogben fashion films can be as far out as some of the designer’s are themselves. I recently watched designer Gareth Pugh’s collaboration with film maker Ruth Hogben on youtube, this is a strange film, the music score, feeds the film well, I think someone was on LSD while making it. The short film what I gather is about the theatrics and antics of models on the catwalk.

Watch the film and tell me what you think

Screen Tests

While researching on a topic on Andy Warhol, I decided to try and find his factory films ‘screen tests’ on line which were made between 1963 and 1968 that offer portraits of hundreds of figures, famous and otherwise, who happened to pass through his studio/social club/subcultural hot zone.

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