Transfigure Photography ethos is to find the converging line between the world of film, fine art and commercial photography and bound all those agents together to cook up a dream and add it to a reality. I work with an idea, visualise it and create it. Transfigure Photography says as much about me than the name denotes. I have metamorphosed myself from a snapshot photographer to a professional photographer, photographing many different subjects, from seascapes, portraiture, to monster dump trucks.

Photography for me is walking hand in hand with film making, converging the demand for creative exploration and pushing the boundaries in liberating client’s realities to give their photo shoot a new perspective digitally.

I just don’t use my camera to take photographs I work, blend and arouse, still and moving images.

I'm available for commissioned work.

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Lenses Terminology

The basic properties of a simple lens may be applied to an objective lens system as well. They will help us understand the behavior of the lens. But keep in mind the fact that optical design of a complex system is a bit more involved.

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One of the best tools available for any photographer to use to make sure your exposure is neither under or over exposed is the use of the camera histogram. It is especially important for jpeg shooters. The exposure latitude (how much the exposure can be off and still get a good image) of a jpeg is less than one f-stop. Digital SLR’s have an option for a histogram to be superimposed over the image or placed next to the image in the camera’s LCD. This histogram will provide exposure information. The image below
shows a histogram.

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Joseph Nicephore Niepce

Joseph Nicephore Niepce

In 1816 French Lithographer and inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce started new research on an idea of recording an image onto sensitised paper using a camera obscura. Niepce first experiment was to position at the back of a camera obscura sheets of silver salts coated paper, known to blacken with daylight. In May 1816 he produced the first image of nature: a view from a window at his home in Chalon Sur Saone, France. It was the first ever negative produced, although the image vanished because in broad daylight the coated paper becomes completely black. He calls these images “retinas.” Read more

Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin at Somerset House, London

My wife and I visited the smog this week and decided to take in Guy Bourdin Image Maker exhibition and what an exhibition, I admit, I pondered on the semi naked women adorned in fashion wares which I had no interest in, but his concepts, his vision encapsulates me to become a better photographer. I might not have the budgets of Bourdin, but heck, I’ve got the drive, to deliver great results, here are a few of my favorite photographs from the ehibtion. Read more

Will Santillo

Will Santillo

Escapism and breaking the conventions is the best way to describe the photographic works of Will Santillo. He is a photographer who is known in particular circles and lesser known outside, a man with balls who defies the critics but is acclaimed by them. He is known for working outside the boundaries of the studios , taking his art to glossy locations, using available light and most importantly non models. His subjects sit for him in unconventional circumstances, full sex scenes, oral scenes, lesbian scenes, masturbation, bondage and the subjects pay him to sit and to be entered into one of his books.

What a great Business module

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Nikolay Tikhomirov

Nikolay Tikhomirov

Moscow-based photographer Nikolay Tikhomirov creates dramatic portraits that feature elegant female figures casually drifting into the air while everything around them stands still. The artist’s surreal worlds are a creative blend between dreams and reality that seem to be emerging from the minds of the women while they sleep. Read more

Underwater photography

Alexander Semenov is a Russian marine biologist and a professional underwater photographer who’s spent hundreds of hours dive time at sites around the globe, documenting unusual marine life including sea butterflies, marine worms and sea angels. Life of beauty is not always above water.

Semenov underwater photography Semenov-underwater_2845401k





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Compare & Contrast essay

Compare & Contrast Henri Cartier-Bresson to British photographer Edwin Smith

Left – Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photograph, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Right – Edwin Smith’s “Allotment”, Saffron, Walden, Essex

image HCB, Illinois, Chicago, 1947 Read more

Daguerreotype Poem

Daguerreotype  poem – Aaron Southwick, 1830-1909

A precious little relic
A gift from heart to heart,
Resemblance of a form angelic
Whose lights and shades impart
Emotions felt of old,
Pure, delicate, untold. Read more

Dior charlize Theron

These guys who make these perfume adverts are creative genius ‘Charlize Theron in THE 2011 ‘J’adore Dior’ commercial Read more