Transfigure Photography ethos is to find the converging line between the world of film, fine art and commercial photography and bound all those agents together to cook up a dream and add it to a reality. I work with an idea, visualise it and create it. Transfigure Photography says as much about me than the name denotes. I have metamorphosed myself from a snapshot photographer to a professional photographer, photographing many different subjects, from seascapes, portraiture, to monster dump trucks.

Photography for me is walking hand in hand with film making, converging the demand for creative exploration and pushing the boundaries in liberating client’s realities to give their photo shoot a new perspective digitally.

I just don’t use my camera to take photographs I work, blend and arouse, still and moving images.

I'm available for commissioned work.

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Samson and Delilah

Samson and Delilah, painted by Rubens

The painting of Samson and Delilah tells the biblical episode in which Samson, feared Israeli warrior for his enormous strength, is overcome by the beautiful philistine Dalila, who he fell in love with. she found out that his strength lay in his hair, which then cut, took all his strength away. No doubt a symbol about the weakness that can cause infatuation. Read more

Salome and Judith

Salomé and Judith

I was looking through paintings depicting Salomé, I wracked my brains thinking I’ve seen these paintings before, then I thought of my research into Judith and Holopherne, and yes, Lucas Cranach the Elder depicted the two beauties, of the same age and possibly the same model. Read more


Brueghel “the old man” “The triumph of death”

The Other Face Behind Death

Brueghel, a man who saw in the life of the peasants, a social character that passed the reality to more burlesque and satirical terms, now, showed in his work “The triumph of the death”, a rhetoric, between the irony and the mockery To humans, when trying to escape something that is not alien to life, death. But the deformities and human degradations are not only evident, but also, the surrealist management with which it is permissive in the personages and the landscapes mounted there. Read more

Judith Holofernes

Judith & Holofernes

I recently visited The National Gallery and saw one of my favourite paintings from Johann Liss (about 1595 – 1631) and I stood in awe with the painting entitled “Judith in the Tent of Holofernes” I was struck by it’s brutal nature and blood curdling rendition of a simple Bible story. Why did Judith & Holofernes painting have such an effect on me? Read more

Slavery at Christmas

Slavery At Christmas

I’ve been thinking about Slavery ever since I watched “12 Years a Slave” a couple of years ago and I had wondered how slaves celebrated Christmas. Then I came across “Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers’ Project, 1936-1938” which contains more than 2,300 first-person accounts of slavery and 500 black-and-white photographs of former slaves.

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use of personal space

The use of personal space

How do we manage the space around us at work, to make it our own?

Is there any indication of why we put personal objects in a particular space, or order, or is everything sporadic? How we manage the space around us at work, are these small details an afterthought; or is it an integral part of the way we think, plan and behave. Read more

personalisation in the workspace

Personalisation in the Workspace

Having worked in an office environment before, I’ve noticed some company policies don’t allow much evidence of “real normal” people working in their offices. They prohibit any signs of their employees’ private lives – like family photographs, plants, artwork or memorabilia, keeping the appearance of that of a work environment of impersonal and sterile workplace? Read more

Still life

Still life

For most of the nineteenth century still life painting celebrated the nation’s rich natural bounty. Typical subject matter included the fruit-filled tabletops in works by Raphaelle Peale (1774-1825) and James Peale (1749-1831); the luxurious mealtime spreads of John F. Francis (1806-1886); and Severin Roesen’s (circa 1815-1871) opulent floral arrangements. Read more

Portraits of working classman

Portraits of the working classman

This article took on a different shape, from how I envisioned it, I had researched about the working man from the Amercian depression to the American Donald Trump voter, yet I found this a topic which many had written about. Read more

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei
“Everything is art. Everything is politics”, says Ai Weiwei (born in 1957), one of the world’s most
influential contemporary artists. As a conceptual artist, a documentary filmmaker, and an
activist, his works exert criticism not only on the regime of his native China, but respond as well
to the political reality of Europe’s current refugee crisis.

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