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Photographing Corpses

Should Photographing Corpses Be Illegal?

Photographing dead people isn’t anything new, the Victorians used to photograph relatives with the dearly departed which was called Memento Mori. Read more

Melissa Del Sol

Melissa Del Sol photographs of the woman in Black

The models dressed in black kept intact all its sensuality, her mystery, shielded behind the veil of sexuality the enigma of the viewers eyes pout for her lips. Her eyes green of envy, full of mascara, red lips like ladies who met in the evening in the dark alleys of the night. The stranger who men dream of with boyhood fantasies beyond the veil and lost charms. 

What a story teller Read more

Joseph Nicephore Niepce

Joseph Nicephore Niepce

In 1816 French Lithographer and inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce started new research on an idea of recording an image onto sensitised paper using a camera obscura. Niepce first experiment was to position at the back of a camera obscura sheets of silver salts coated paper, known to blacken with daylight. In May 1816 he produced the first image of nature: a view from a window at his home in Chalon Sur Saone, France. It was the first ever negative produced, although the image vanished because in broad daylight the coated paper becomes completely black. He calls these images “retinas.” Read more