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Ruth Hogben fashion film

Ruth Hogben fashion films can be as far out as some of the designer’s are themselves. I recently watched designer Gareth Pugh’s collaboration with film maker Ruth Hogben on youtube, this is a strange film, the music score, feeds the film well, I think someone was on LSD while making it. The short film what I gather is about the theatrics and antics of models on the catwalk.

Watch the film and tell me what you think

Dior charlize Theron

These guys who make these perfume adverts are creative genius ‘Charlize Theron in THE 2011 ‘J’adore Dior’ commercial Read more



Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerra

Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerra (1787 -1851) was a flamboyant Frenchman full of enthusiasm and energy and had become famous in the world of Parisian theatre for his inventive use of special effects, artistry and stage decoration. At sixteen he became a student of Degotis, who was a creator of stage settings at the Paris Opera.

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