Transfigure Photography ethos is to find the converging line between the world of film, fine art and commercial photography and bound all those agents together to cook up a dream and add it to a reality. I work with an idea, visualise it and create it. Transfigure Photography says as much about me than the name denotes. I have metamorphosed myself from a snapshot photographer to a professional photographer, photographing many different subjects, from seascapes, portraiture, to monster dump trucks.

Photography for me is walking hand in hand with film making, converging the demand for creative exploration and pushing the boundaries in liberating client’s realities to give their photo shoot a new perspective digitally.

I just don’t use my camera to take photographs I work, blend and arouse, still and moving images.

I'm available for commissioned work.

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Laila Khan Proofreader

Transfigure Photography has introduced a new team member to the blogging team, Laila Khan. Her new role as a copywriter and proofreader is to check content before it gets published. 

New Role

Laila role is the cleaning of the content to ensure the readability of the text, but also the verification of sources and bibliography. This role also takes a critical look at the text that has been entrusted to her while respecting the work of the author.

Although the author (normally Roland Keates) has a good command of the English language, Laila can quickly detect possible errors.  As part of the editing, the reading of the text to correct the faults, to reformulate the sentences, to verify the contents. 

Laila Khan proofreader
Laila Khan proofreader
Four reasons Why I choose to use a professional proofreader:

• I want to establish my credibility as a professional author who does not neglect any stage of publishing.

• Prevent spelling errors as it will tarnish my work.

• Take advantage of expert advice on my blogs and get an uncompromising analysis.

• Improve my text with rewriting suggestions.

Laila Khan proofreader
Laila Khan proofreader


Since using Laila service as a proofreader, I’m delighted with the improvements made to my blogs. The better the literary quality of my blogs, the higher my success as a writer. 

Writing a blog requires taking a step back to analyse and better reflect on my work. Does the blog hold the road? Is the substance of the blog credible? 

Laila Khan proofreader
Laila Khan proofreader

Four more reasons Why I choose to use a professional proofreader:

– the coherence of your blog and the content I’m writing about;

– the correctness of the tone used;

– the authenticity of my characters;

– the credibility of the links that unite them.

For some, reading a simple blog by a professional reader may seem unnecessary and for me essential. The blog reading allows me to have an outside look on my text, to have constructive comments that will allow me to improve my text and to know the weak points to rework.

Laila Khan

Laila Khan

Laila is continuously educating herself, taking university courses on all manner of subjects such as sustainable economic development, the future of energy, leadership, business management, globalisation and climate change.

Ms Khan is based in Dubai and has experience working in multi-cultural backgrounds, with stakeholders in government, government agencies, and the private sector.

She is hardworking, persistent, communicates very well in both Spanish and English, written and spoken. She excels under pressure, and always look for solutions in the toughest crises conditions, without losing her concentration or cool. 

Her ongoing studies of courses are posted on her LinkedIn page. She has completed several certificate courses since and became a mentor for Columbia university’s The Age of Sustainable Development. 

When you see at the bottom of the page, edited by Laila Khan, you can be assured, all T have been crossing and all I have been dotting.