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Matthew Hedges, university student or spy?

I’ve been following the case of Matthew Hedges, the Durham PhD student who was jailed for life in the United Arab Emirates. With all the newspapers in the world covering the story,  yet I still have my doubts about his innocence.

Over in the United Arab Emirates, the intelligence services are trained by the USA and other western nations, indeed have very well known CIA and other intelligence services experts constantly training and bringing over technologies etc. The region in the United Arab Emirates is a hodge podge of intrigue and dangerous considering extremism and the lot. The services ensure security is at its best, and keep an eye on anyone who may be a threat, with the know-how imported from the west. Upon freeing Matthew Hedges, the United Arab Emirates government said he is guilty 100%.


That shows magnanimous and pragmatic thinking, which is to be admired. Also, the education ties between the universities here and the UK were at risk of being severed, which too weighs in favor of the decision. I am glad he is going back, but I assure you I have no sympathy for proven to be a spy. I will say this, the judiciary in the United Arab Emirates is very just. Even if the west with its narrow-mindedness, cannot see it, yes it is!

Matthew Hedges and wife in Dubai


Therefore, I cannot compare this case with poor Jagtar Singh. Yes, the Sikhs are admirable, not allowed in their province to express their views. He indeed is a political prisoner, for whom the British government should have done all possible as the moral ground is 100% in his favor. Yet because he is not Anglo Saxon, let him rot. It is this attitude that to me is shocking. And reprehensible.
India a country courted by the west when its PM openly promotes hatred, intolerance towards minorities, the gender issue; all for the sake of business as usual.
I look as a bystander, suffer for those persecuted, yet what to do, we write blogs about it.

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