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Political Murals, Murals in Belfast, Street Art, Belfast

Political Murals and street art in Belfast

One of the reasons I wanted to visit Belfast was to see the political murals and the street art which are on every available free wall. From Falls Road to Shankill Road to Bank Street to Talbert Street; walls filled with colourful political and non-political messages. These large-format paintings tell us of the impact of Troubles in local communities, are a call for peace and make our dreams of a future in harmony.

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Street Art

None political street art in Belfast

The murals, street art, frescoes of Belfast are a sight to see even if you can’t decide on what to call them. These public artworks go far beyond Catholic and Protestant areas. With a convulsive history like few others, the centre of Belfast is decorated profusely with creative and imaginative street art. Some would call it graffiti; for me, this is street art at its best. Read more