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Greek mythology story of Narcissus

This blog was inspired by David McNeil poem about Greek mythology of Narcissus. I wanted to know more about the Greek mythology story and how this is very appropriate to many in today’s society. Read more


Brueghel “the old man” “The triumph of death”

The Other Face Behind Death

Brueghel, a man who saw in the life of the peasants, a social character that passed the reality to more burlesque and satirical terms, now, showed in his work “The triumph of the death”, a rhetoric, between the irony and the mockery To humans, when trying to escape something that is not alien to life, death. But the deformities and human degradations are not only evident, but also, the surrealist management with which it is permissive in the personages and the landscapes mounted there. Read more

Jonas Burgert

Jonas Burgert

Over the years from the 1500’s, the pose, the dress wear and all relevant props and garbs have been moulded to the creation of how portraits have been shot now. We look at the contemporary elements in art the greatness of Berliner Jonas Burgert, who uses space, colour, and composition to the best of the canvas; no part of the canvas is untouched. Viewing the images gives into the power of the story, we interpret the story in our own minds eye, and we give the conclusions weather be right or wrong.

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Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio

Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio

Investigating the secrets behind paintings

I’ve written this blog, after visiting the national Portrait museum in London with my wife, I can’t help but view painting as photographs, the use of lights to emulate power, and props as tools to stimulate the senses. Read more