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Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman, is a type of photographer who tries to reinvent herself by pulling away from the heard of photographers out there and trying new and different styles.

Viewing Cindy Sherman set of photographs entitled ‘film stills’ , the casual viewer may think they were photographed on a movie set which the leading lady presents herself in the guise of various serotypes of femininity innocent, downtrodden, and the glamorous, yet Sherman took these photographs just purely as an experiment at the start and built up a collection of 69 images. The viewer’s relationship to Sherman could be seen as one of photography and film, combining different mediums to market a saleable product. Her ability to perfectly represent these incompatible qualities and stimulate discussion from all walks of life in a single photographic image.

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Renée Cox

Renée Cox ‘yo mama’s last supper’ is a very controversial image, and an image worth talking about in this blog of how art and photography come together as one. I’ve always seen photography as an art form, the story in and the story behind it. Reading photographs is an important aspect of photography; it sets the amateur apart from the professional, the professional can talk on the subject in a confident way, it’s ok photographing a subject, but the thoughts and history behind the making is as equally important, looking back at the old pioneers of artists and photographers gives me a twirl of ideas. Read more