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Bikini through the ages

Bikini’s through the ages

Elegant, sophisticated and genuinely exotic, the bikini has been around for centuries, evolving rapidly over time to become what we know it as today. And while the signature two-piece swimwear is now available in a variety of shapes, sizes, aesthetics and through an abundant number of tailored designs, it wasn’t always this way! Read more

Stones and Warhol

Stones and Warhol

(The Rolling Stones and Andy Warhol 1975)

It was spring of 1975, and the Rolling Stones were gearing up for their epic tour of the Americas which they would later kick off  in NYC by performing “Brown Sugar” on the back of a flatbed truck driving down 5th Ave. Looking for a place to rest up, rehearse for the tour, and work on songs for their upcoming album, Black and Blue, the boys rented Andy Warhol’s pad (for 5k a month).

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Jun Abe photographer

Street Photographer Jun Abe visits Manila, Philippines 1980’s

Manila, Philippines. August, 1983. Then President Ferdinand Marcos just lifted Martial Law a few years prior but still hold absolute power over the Philippines. The country was in a state of constant flux due to President’s’ aggressive development plans under his dictatorship. This dictatorship was met with heavy opposition from his political rivals. Most notable is Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. It is in this month that Ninoy was shot dead in the then called Manila International Airport. With political turmoil and social instability plaguing the country, it was in this period when Jun Abe, armed with his camera, photographed the city of Manila. Read more

Hugo Jaeger

Hugo Jaeger is the former personal photographer of Adolf Hitler. He travelled with Hitler in the years leading up to and throughout World War II and took around 2,000 colour photographs of the Austrian-born German politician. Jaeger was one of the few photographers who were using color photography techniques at the time.

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Christmas with Nazis

German, like many other countries the majority of the population are Christians, Christmas in the eyes of the German people is very important holiday. With Nazi Germany at the helm, in order to get popular support, often presented with Christmas-related activities.  Read more