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john keats

The life and times of John Keats (1795 to 1821)

John Keats was born on 31 October 1795, first child of Thomas Keats and Frances Jennings Keats, at the Swan and Hoop, 24 Finsbury Pavement, Moorfields, (Now Moorgate) London. Thomas Keats was a Livery – Stable Manager and the owner’s daughter was Frances Jennings (who became the mother), Frances Jennings father passed away and they inherited the Swan and Hoop Inn and stable for themselves. John was the oldest of five children, brothers George (born 28th February 1797) Tom (born 18th November 1799) Edward (born 28th April 1801 died in 1802) and little sister Frances Mary (Fanny) (born 3rd June 1803). Read more