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Johann Strauss the Elder

Johann Strauss the Elder (1804-1849)

Childhood and Marriage

Johann Strauss, from an early age showed no interest in music, but began his career in 1817 as a bookbinder and this same year took violin lessons and learned music theory from Ignaz von Seyfried. Johann Strauss the Elder, became very talented and joined a short time as a violist to Joseph Lanner, who had founded with the Brothers Drahanek a trio. Strauss befriended his later competitors Lanner quickly.
On September 1, 1825, Strauss separated from Lanner Orchestra. Approximately two and a half years earlier he had met Anna Streim, the daughter of the host “The Red Rooster” in Lichtenthal. Read more

Pictura Poesis

The is a literary genre which developed from the Renaissance and has continued throughout the classical age. It is expressed in many forms. The first, and most important, involved a parallel between the arts and those of visible speech: and first, of the other. From this comparison, in a generic way, have deployed more specific shape comparison between painting and sculpture, painting and music.

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