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use of personal space

The use of personal space

How do we manage the space around us at work, to make it our own?

Is there any indication of why we put personal objects in a particular space, or order, or is everything sporadic? How we manage the space around us at work, are these small details an afterthought; or is it an integral part of the way we think, plan and behave. Read more

personalisation in the workspace

Personalisation in the Workspace

Having worked in an office environment before, I’ve noticed some company policies don’t allow much evidence of “real normal” people working in their offices. They prohibit any signs of their employees’ private lives – like family photographs, plants, artwork or memorabilia, keeping the appearance of that of a work environment of impersonal and sterile workplace? Read more

Still life

Still life

For most of the nineteenth century still life painting celebrated the nation’s rich natural bounty. Typical subject matter included the fruit-filled tabletops in works by Raphaelle Peale (1774-1825) and James Peale (1749-1831); the luxurious mealtime spreads of John F. Francis (1806-1886); and Severin Roesen’s (circa 1815-1871) opulent floral arrangements. Read more

Portraits of working classman

Portraits of the working classman

This article took on a different shape, from how I envisioned it, I had researched about the working man from the Amercian depression to the American Donald Trump voter, yet I found this a topic which many had written about. Read more