Transfigure Photography ethos is to find the converging line between the world of film, fine art and commercial photography and bound all those agents together to cook up a dream and add it to a reality. I work with an idea, visualise it and create it. Transfigure Photography says as much about me than the name denotes. I have metamorphosed myself from a snapshot photographer to a professional photographer, photographing many different subjects, from seascapes, portraiture, to monster dump trucks.

Photography for me is walking hand in hand with film making, converging the demand for creative exploration and pushing the boundaries in liberating client’s realities to give their photo shoot a new perspective digitally.

I just don’t use my camera to take photographs I work, blend and arouse, still and moving images.

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Benjamin Abraham

 Benjamin Abraham the unscrupulous character. 

Benjamin Abraham (1901-1938), a Syrian-Lebanese who fled to Brazil in 1915, fleeing the mandatory enlistment call during the First World War. For a long time, he worked as a salesman until he became private secretary to Father Cicero. One of Benjamin Abraham jobs was to research Lampião, Maria Bonita and other outlaws.

"Captain" Virgulino Ferreira da Silva, better known as Lampião

“Captain” Virgulino Ferreira da Silva, better known as Lampião

Abraham was quite a bandit in his own right, when Father Cicero died, he came to pluck strands of hair of the deceased to sell as an amulet for pilgrims. But after six months of this lucrative trade, people realized that the priest did not have as much hair as well … and then Benjamin fled again.

Benjamin Abraham, a well dressed bandit

Benjamin Abraham, a well dressed bandit

Father Cicero and Benjamin Abraham

Father Cicero and Benjamin Abraham

After Abraham Fled he went in search of a new lucrative deal. He knew that Lampião was not only a Brazilian celebrity, but also become internationally known figure after the New York Times started to follow his footsteps.

So after much planning Benjamin Abraham sought a German company to borrow a 35mm camcorder and camera. With equipment in the luggage, Benjamin Abraham went into the hinterlands in search of the Lampião group. It took several months to find them, but when he finally had the opportunity, made about 90 photographs of bandits, many of them spontaneous.

Photographs of Lampião Bandit gang.

Benjamin Abraham photographs of the Bandits of Lampião Bandit gang.

Self Portrait of Benjamin Abraham Maria Bonita and Lampião.

Benjamin Abraham of the Lampião Bandit Gang

Benjamin Abraham of the Lampião Bandit Gang

Benjamin Abraham of the Lampião Bandit Gang

With all of the photographs taken by Benjamin Abraham of the Lampião Bandit Gang, he made a successful business selling the story and the photographs to newspapers of the time. But the life of the Syrian would not last long. In 1938, Lampião who was killed, two months later, Benjamin was also killed.

More stories are detailed in the biographical book written by Pernambucano de Mello, “Benjamin Abraham: between angels and bandits” (Publisher scriptures).

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