Transfigure Photography ethos is to find the converging line between the world of film, fine art and commercial photography and bound all those agents together to cook up a dream and add it to a reality. I work with an idea, visualise it and create it. Transfigure Photography says as much about me than the name denotes. I have metamorphosed myself from a snapshot photographer to a professional photographer, photographing many different subjects, from seascapes, portraiture, to monster dump trucks.

Photography for me is walking hand in hand with film making, converging the demand for creative exploration and pushing the boundaries in liberating client’s realities to give their photo shoot a new perspective digitally.

I just don’t use my camera to take photographs I work, blend and arouse, still and moving images.

I'm available for commissioned work.

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Cecilia Kaoru

Cecilia Kaoru

I’ve been following the Japanese artist Cecilia Kaoru for nearly a year on LinkedIn and in those years, we have struck up a mutual friendship. Cecilia artwork is more than art in it’s self, it’s somewhat of a philosophy of nature the indifferent subsistence and isolation in regards to each other. The tones and complexities of colours used, is a wash of orient with swills and dabs, it’s musical.
S. Cecilia Kaoru Japanese artist writes in her own words about her art work.

Cecilia Kaoru art work

“Arts is the way of Getting Realization who you are, it’s just like some Philosophy what you will able to get and it’s a Freedom more than now. We as humans use our Five senses which refers to the five traditionally recognized methods of perception, or sense: taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. You can not feel your Emotion and Intellect without Imagination that coming from Experience or Memories.” 

Cecilia Kaoru art work

“Imagination comes from experience of the 5 senses, For Humans, Without Imagination We would not create anything.”

“Before I start, I’m always having Some imagination in my mind , I’m tasting the Touching of my working plans to see if they are tasty or not. It is very similar to making a cooking recipe. Recently, I have imagined  what My created images aren’t  real  BeautyI mean that My Thinking created Beauty is might its not Real beauty , that’s why.”

Artwork of Cecilia Kaoru

“Yes, sometimes, I don’t Believe so much about the answering from Brain, but I could believe Emotion more than Thought, I do more Believing the Intuition from consciousness.”

“January 2017, I went to Sea side, for a holiday and inspiration. In this time I had feeling very clearly that Human thinking could never be Beyond the beauty of nature, But Suddenly I received a new answer. It is correct that, Humans are also part of nature. If I could do art work with Art of Nature, my works will be so Fantastically very natural. It would be beyond The Beauty by any Thinking Plans.”

Created for the Julian Espinal International Art Work Project New York – Artwork of Cecilia Kaoru

How can I Dance with 5 Elements?

“The moment of Starting work , my mind is completely Silent, I never think how to draw a Beautiful painting, I totally become Art itself . So that Real Artistic Action will be given to you and the Realisation from inside of You. 

Cecilia Kaoru Solo Exhibition in Tokyo

Cecilia Kaoru Solo Exhibition in Tokyo

To find out more about Cecilia visit her website


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