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Antonio Berni

It would have been Antonio Berni Birthday if he had survived 20 more years, he was an Argentinian figurative artist. He is associated with the movement known as Nuevo Realismo, a Latin American extension of social realism and recently Armed Robbers Stole 15 Paintings Made by Antonio Berni in Buenos Aires.

Armed robbers, disguised as policemen stole, 15 paintings made by Argentinean artist Antonio Berni. The paintings have been valued at $2.2 million The news was reported by newspaper La Nacion which said that the robbery happened when a truck was transporting 17 paintings. The truck was detained by two people who simulated being policemen.

The newspaper added that very few people knew that the paintings would be transported. The paintings were made between 1934 and 1981 and they were being moved from the outskirts of Buenos Aires to the city center. Friday, May 15, 2015

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