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Diego Velázquez

Carrying on from my article on Baroque paintings, Diego Velázquez aka Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez (1599-1660) in my opinion is the master of the Baroque The Spanish school. Read more


Rembrandt (1606-1669)

When Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn came into the world, the United Provinces (present-day Netherlands) had not yet succeeded in freeing themselves from the tutelage of the kings of the House of Austria, a situation which they did not reach until 1648, when they succeeded in creating a rather peculiar independent republic. Read more

Vermeer De Delft

Vermeer De Delft (1632-1675)

Vermeer De Delft was a Flemish artist who painted women who read letters, make music, weigh gold, who conversed gallantly with gentlemen; Women who wrote, played the lute, take care of children, spun, and made lace bobbin.

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