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Kodak Brownie six-20

My friend recently visited a car boot sale and purchased a camera for a couple of pounds, and  handed it to me for my collection of vintage camera’s.

I was delighted to receive the camera and I began to explain to him, about the history of the Box Brownie. The Kodak Brownie six-20 was originally made in the UK, and was introduced to the market in 1937. Kodak made the unit for three years before discontinuing it in 1940. It has a meniscus lens and used 620 rollfilm, creating  2.25-inch by  3.25-inch photos. A grained leatherette covering and a folding frame finder makes the camera convenient to transport. The shutter was a Kodette II model, rather than the “T” setting, this shutter has a “B” setting for “brief time exposure.” With the “B” setting, the user has to approximate the amount of time it takes for enough light to enter the camera to make the perfect photograph. Read more