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Cuno Amiet

Paintings of Cuno Amiet

Cuno Amiet (1868-1961) was born in Solothurn, Switzerland, the son of the historian and local archivist J. J. Amiet. At the age of 15 he was apprenticed to the Swiss realist painter Frank Buchser, a powerful personality, whose interest during the 1860s in the transcription of the effects of light, prefigured that of the Impressionists.

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Augusto Rodrigues Duarte

Augusto Rodrigues Duarte

Augusto Rodrigues Duarte was born in Nespereira in Portugal. He began his studies in 1866 at the Imperial Academy of Fine arts. He drew attention at school for being a great student, winning several awards, including two gold medals. His strengh laid in painting portraits and landscapes. Read more