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Boris Mikhailov

Boris Mikhailov

I recently visited Vienna, and one of the museums I had to visit was the Albertina Museum (August 2016). Why…. Boris Mikhailov, a Ukrainian maverick photographer had a few photographs I had wanted to see, these photographs intrigued me because they showed a Russia which the iron curtain had not wanted the world to see. Read more

Ida Kar

Ida Kar photographer

Ida Kar, came to my attention becuase I had researched about Barbara Hepworth, the famous Sculptor for my last blog . Ida Kar was born in 1908, in Tambov, near Moscow. Kar was influenced by the Paris avant-garde movement, whilst studying there in 1928. She had met the German surrealist painter and photographer Heinrich Heidersberger whilst living there, and made her very first experiments in photography alongside him. Read more